Daily Nutrition

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

When planning menus, we have a variety of healthy options.  We ensure each menu has the following components: a high-quality source of protein, a serving of vegetables and/or fruits, whole grains and milk.  We understand that the term "healthy options" has multiple definitions, but we define healthy options as the following:

  • Fresh fruit served with each meal
  • Reduced Sugar menu items are prepared with reduced portions of sugar, or honey. Dessert options include: berries with cream, fresh apples with caramel dip, or Jell-O
  • Self-serve food bars promote healthy eating:
    • Salad Bar provides plant-based proteins, fresh fruit & vegetables, and traditional salads, ex: Greek salads with gradated cheese
    • Rice & Bean Bar offers brown or white rice with a variety of hot beans, such as: pinto, black or Cajun seasoned
    • Gluten Free Bar presents GF items, a few are: sweet potatoes, mango salsa, cilantro rice and quinoa
    • Soup & Bread Bar options available, such as: vegetarian chili, split pea and tomato bisque
    • Breakfast Bar choices range from oatmeal with toppings, scrambled eggs with a selection of meat and cheeses, to whole grain cereals