KANDLE Dining - Services

From Camp TimberlakeFrom kitchen design and layout to ACA/BSA accreditation you can rest easy knowing that KANDLE Dining is well versed in all the updated regulations and will be in compliance long before any inspection.  The camp wide “shout out” that the health inspector is on site isn’t required when we operate your facility.  Our health standards are in place 24/7.

Service to our clients far exceeds the summer season.  If your goal is to build your shoulder business, we are there for you.  Product and menu planning, pack-out requirements from overnight outings to month long journeys are developed during our “off” season.  Reviewing recipes and a continuous upgrading of labor efficiencies and food production systems well in advance of the first summer session ensures our clients their food service will be efficient and all meals will be tasty and nutritionally balanced from the start.

From Camp Merri-MacBecause the camp season is short the window of success is extremely small.  Although very proactive during non-camping months, KANDLE has programs that are very reactive during the summer season.  Every week we provide our clients with financial accounting that includes all costs associated with food service as it compares to budget.  If for any reason food costs and/or labor efficiencies are not within budget we can react swiftly.  No longer do our clients have to live with an “end of summer surprise”.

Effective cost management is no accident.  Our food production system is formulated for camps.  Recipes, quantities and menu mix are generated through history and client input.  A balance of making sure our campers are getting plenty to eat and having a minimum of waste is a meal to meal challenge.  With the KANDLE system in place our clients have peace of mind knowing we are constantly monitoring amounts of food prepared at every meal.