KANDLE - Scout Camps

“We have partnered with Kandle Dining Service for eight years. Kandle Dining Service has consistently provided great service since the day we opened camp.  They are easy to work with, accommodate the many out-of-the-ordinary needs that come with running a camp, and keep their costs low so we can focus on providing our youth programs.”
- Mike Swofford, Camping Support Director, Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America

"We were at camp last week and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the excellent food.  Not one Scout or parent cmplaint.  With so many to serve, you did a great job!  Thanks!" - Mark Medlyn, Urbana, IL

Scout Picnic
KANDLE Dining has been serving the scouting community for over ten years.  We are proud to say we still partner with our very first scout camp, the Indianapolis Council.  Our long term relationships have been built on trust, mutual respect and the mission to provide a terrific camping experience as economically as possible.

Serving over 275,000 quality, cost effective and tasty meals at our scout camps every summer includes menu planning, staff training and recruitment all year long.  Providing foodservice for our scout camps is not a “side show” for off season business. Our success as a company is directly tied to meeting the goals of our camps every year.

Our menus provide nutritionally balanced meals with regional and traditional favorites that will have your scouts, staff and scout masters applauding.  During the off season KANDLE listens to our clients’ needs and their feedback from campers.  Every scout camp is different.  We do not have a “packaged” menu.  Each scout camp we partner with has a different and unique program that requires menu diversity.   Throughout the year, we take on the initiative of providing our clients with the latest food trends; purchasing programs to ensure every camp can take advantage of our volume pricing and staff training for the latest updates on health department regulations, food allergies and cooking techniques.

Whether you require family style or cafeteria style service, KANDLE Dining can provide a program of cost controls and efficiency while still maintaining a quality program that will keep your staff happy and troops coming back year after year.  Pack-outs, cookouts and cooking class menus are also given priority with recipe development and cooking techniques.

Our “green initiative” continues to partner with our scout camps in leading the way for environment friendly programs. From cleaning products that won’t pollute our water supplies to biodegradable paper products that keep our footprint to a minimum we have a program that will fit the conservation level of your camp.