KANDLE - Private Camps

"We felt like we did a fine job managing the kitchen when “camp food” was good enough.  But that day is gone.  Our parents want better quality and more variety, and we wanted more consistency and efficiency.  For us Kandle Dining was the best way to make this happen.  We were pleased to find that a large portion of Kandle’s management fee was underwritten by our savings on food costs.  Even with our ACA and other discounts we were paying more for food.    That, along with happier campers and staff, make Kandle a great value for us.  Kandle also allows me to be a camp director again.  I love being able to invest my time in our campers and staff.  If there is something I want changed with Kandle I simply let them know and it is done by the next meal.  If I want more food on the table, there is more food on the table.  If I want more healthy choices, there are more healthy choices.  Oddly, by contracting my foodservice we ended up with better control of our kitchen. Finally, it is wonderful to not fret about who will come back the next year, and what I will do if that one special person does not.  If something happens that our kitchen head does not come back Kandle will be the ones to find a replacement. Kandle understands kitchens and they understand camps."
- Adam Boyd, Camp Merri-Mac, Camp Timberlake


KANDLE Dining wants be your partner in success.  We’re a small business just like you.  We understand the challenges you face every day.   KANDLE knows the better job we do for you the more successful growth we will all enjoy.  Because camp food service is all we do, all resources, programs and training are dedicated to camp dining.

Success in dining service begins with a creative menu that fits your campers and staff.  Gender, service style and the age of our campers all play an important role in menu development.  Healthy choices are now the rule not the exception.  Salad bars are extensive with alternate protein options available.  Options for food allergies are a growing request and needs extensive planning for a seamless meal service.   KANDLE works all year long developing recipes, researching the latest food trends and implementing meals that fit your campers and staff.

Tight financial controls are the cornerstone of our total program.   As we all know, food prices have skyrocketed with not a lot of relief in sight.  KANDLE Dining works closely with national as well as local companies for quality and cost controls.  Every item served on your menu will have been extensively researched for taste and budget requirements.  Our production system, when implemented, will give us weekly budget updates so there is no end of summer financial “surprises”.

KANDLE Dining prides itself on friendly and helpful service.  The days of the “crabby cook” are over.  Smiling faces, a sharp appearance and 100% cooperation with camp staff is expected from all our staff.  Pack-outs, theme meals, special diet requests and camp traditions that include food service are met with a spirit of cooperation and fun.