KANDLE - Kosher Camps
From Tamarack Camps

"Our agency has worked with Kandle Dining for the last six years and each year is better than the one before. Their willingness to accommodate, impress and serve -- regardless of the challenge or obstacle -- is truly remarkable."  - Jonah Geller, Executive Director, Tamarack Camps
"Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and dedication this summer.  Everyone did an exceptional job, the guests were pleased and your dedication was noticed and appreciated. Thank you!" - Helayne

We know food plays an important role in the overall Jewish camp experience.  Shabbat, Color wars, Israeli Day and Bubbie/Zadie weekends are just a few of the many traditions that require a special touch from KANDLE Dining.  

Studies show one of the first questions parents ask their child when picking them up from camp is “how was the food”.  With our understanding of Kosher and Kosher style service parents can expect rave reviews.  Working closely with our Mashgiah  as well as the local Vaad in establishing food guidelines, KANDLE Dining is constantly upgrading recipes and menus to ensure our campers are being provided the latest in dining trends.

KANDLE Dining understands the economic pressures facing all camps these days.  Even more so with Kosher and Kosher style service.  Efficient staffing for parve, dairy and meat kitchens can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary labor costs.  KANDLE has the experience and the programs to make sure your labor dollars are being well spent.  National contracts with food distributors and constant review of local authorized Kosher vendors ensure our clients are receiving quality food with outstanding pricing.

To help build unity and cooperation KANDLE can offer meal service in each Village.  Delivery of meals, cookouts and snacks gives our campers a unique family atmosphere where individual responsibilities are required for overall success of their community.  These meals are well planned in advance and customized depending on equipment needs.  KANDLE is well versed in optimizing equipment on hand as well as assisting in upgrading if requested.

Operation of your conference center’s dining service is another option we provide our clients.  From Bubbie/Zadie and “Mitzvahs” to outside groups, KANDLE can offer meal service that will help grow your program and create positive visibility within the community.